Change in Office Address-Overview

The Registered Office serves as the official correspondence address or principal place of business for a company. It is the designated address for all official communications with the company. In the course of business, there may arise various reasons for a company to change its registered office, such as shifting operations to a different location or relocating offices within the same city. However, as a legal entity, any change must comply with the relevant laws and involve the proper filing of documents.

When a company needs to change its registered office address within the same city, it can do so by passing a Board Resolution and filing the necessary address change documents with the Registrar of Companies.

The new address for the registered office need not be a commercial location; it could be the residential address of one of the promoters or any other identifiable address. As long as the company meets the regulatory requirements and completes the proper procedures, the change can be executed smoothly.


Change in office Address – Requirements

  • Complete the E-Lawyering Interview.
  • Generate the necessary Board Meeting documents and Resolutions.
  • Sign the Board documents.
  • File the documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with address proof and a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Process for Change in Office Address

  • Identify the new address for Company
    A new address to be identified for change of address
  • Board Meeting
    Convene a Board Meeting and pass a resolution for shifting of the registered office,
  • Filing Form INC-22 to ROC Office
    File Form INC-22 with the ROC certified by a professional within 30 days of changes.

Documents Required for Change Address

New Address

Supporting documents required for new address:

  • Proof of new Address in name of Owner
  • Rent/Lease agreement or
  • NOC from the address owner

Board Meeting

  • Notice of Board Meeting
  • Board Meeting Attendance Sheet
  • Minute of Board Meeting

Form INC-22

  • Copy of Resolutions for filing with ROC
  • Address Proof and NOC
  • Certification by professionals
  • Filing of Form INC-22 with MCA